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About Us

My Peaceful Treasures was inspired by my drive to find the balance between expressing something that is deeply meaningful to me, Which is freedom of expression of my spirituality. I found that certain items that I would use on a daily basis, it not only brought me peace, it bought Love, Light, and Tranquility in my life.Those items consist of Natural Gemstones, Incense, Candles, Herbs and daily meditation just to name a few. Realizing that, as a person who is surrounded by light, needed to share that to uplift and enlighten others as well. I opened a brick and mortar store in order to offer those item to the community as well as to interact with others and now launching a website to reach out on a global scale, Hoping that it will touch the lives of many near and far to bring about Love, Light and Tranquility.


~Namaste Mary

Buddha Statue
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