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Cleansing and Protecting your home with the use of Crystals and Sage.

Cleansing and protecting your home with the use of crystals and sage.
Cleansing and protecting your home with the use of crystals and sage.

Items needed:

  • White Sage Smudge Stick

  • Selenite Or Clear Quartz

  • Black Tourmaline EMF Plate Sticker (Optional)

  • Rose Quartz (Optional)


Completing this ritual during the Hunter’s Blue moon will make it extra powerful and last longer. However, any full moon can also work.

First open all windows in your home. Then, stand by your front door with a bundle of White Sage. Think about the intention you are wanting to set and the energy you want to attract before starting. When you are ready, Light your sage and blow on the flame. Once the bundle starts to smoke begin by smudging yourself top to bottom.

Then move counter clockwise entering each room wafting the smoke from corner to corner until you reach the front door of your home again.

Be sure to drift the smoke to all hidden spaces like closets and behind doors. If you feel it is helpful, you can chant a mantra or a prayer while walking the perimeter of your home.

When you arrive back at your front door, say your mantra or prayer once more and visualize your entire home with a bright white light.

After smudging your home, you can grid the perimeter with Black Tourmaline and Selenite or Clear Quartz.

Add a piece of each to each of the main corners of your home.

Be sure to set your intention before placing them.

If you feel like a specific room needs extra protection, place a larger piece of each on the window sill.

You can even add Rose Quartz in the main rooms to incorporate attracting love and peaceful energy.

If you have young children or allergies to smoke, you can still smudge outside of the home effectively.


Love, Light and Tranquility

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