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Magical Gemstones for Protection

Magical Gemstones for Protection
Magical Gemstones for Protection

Gemstones and Crystals have a long history of being used in magic spell casting. Because they come from deep within the earth, gemstones contain powerful energy that can be harnessed and focused to assist your intention for a particular spell.

Gems emit powerful energies, vibrations, and radiations that can help you to become more attuned to a negative influence that has the capability to bring harm to your home, family, business, personal sense of security, happiness, or quality of life. Identifying sources of harm or negative influences is an important step toward achieving a sense of security and protection. Your best shield against negative influence in your life is your own attuned state with life.

Here are 3 of the many natural and powerful gems that when worn by you will provide whatever protection you need.

Agate: This ancient stone has strong protective properties particularly when it comes to health. It is said the vibrations emitted by Agate Stones can especially valuable in healing impurities within you that can cause serious illness.

To heal any type of sickness or disease. It seems to draw illness out of the body.

Carnelian: Use this stone for assistance from your Guardian Angels. Carnelian provides protection from evil thoughts and psychic attacks from jealous, angry or hateful enemies. Carry or wear this stone to overcome negativity and spells.

Quartz: A most powerful protective stone with an intense vibration providing a strong force against Black Magic. Carry this stone to stop negative vibrations and maintain positive vibrations. All negative energies will be kept away, all bad luck will be averted. Cleanse it daily with running water and a period of rest in direct sunlight.


Love, Light and Tranquility

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